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Other Important CBD Considerations.

Are there potential interactions?

CBD is not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age; only adults should use these products. Users are advised to consult a physician before using any of our products if they are pregnant or nursing, have any medical condition including, but not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, other psychiatric conditions, a family history of these or other medical conditions, or if taking any prescription, over the counter and/or any other medications.

CBD Interactions

CBD is generally well tolerated; however, it may cause adverse reaction in some people or pets. It is also known to interact with medications, so it is important to discuss it with your physician prior to using in order to avoid any potential interactions.

Drug interactions are important when using any products. Herbal supplements interact with many medications so do not expect CBD products to be different. At this time, there testing has not been sufficient to provide you with any specific information which is why it is very important you check with your physician if you are using any prescription medications.

What can I expect when using CBD products?

First, determine the delivery system that works best for you. If you have a particular area of pain, a lotion or patch might work best. If you are concerned about the dosage, you might prefer a capsule.

Over time you might try different dosages and methods to see what works best. Some people may feel calmer or more relaxed with a certain product while others may not. Just like anything else, each person might have a different reaction so try a product and see how it makes you feel.

Since CBD is not psychoactive, you should not feel high or foggy like THC. CBD tends to make you feel calm, relaxed and less anxious.

Also see: How can I decide how much CBD to take?

CBD Oils

With this in mind, the most common reported side effect is a dry mouth and heavy sedation. If serious side effects or complications occur, contact a physician immediately.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Drug testing usually looks for THC. CBD itself is not commonly tested for on a drug test. However, every drug test is different and therefore, it is possible for even a small amount of THC will appear on a drug test. If you are concerned, make certain to use only those products without any THC.

Is CBD addictive?

The World Health Organization, reported in November 2017, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

How should I store CBD products?

Unless the product label indicates otherwise, store products in a dry and cool area.

What is a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”)?

A Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) is a document from an accredited laboratory showing the specific makeup of a product. Better manufacturers submit every batch produced for testing to an independent third-party laboratory. This third-party testing clearly shows what is in the product, by batch, such as the percentage of CBD and any terpenes, pesticides, metals and microbial impurities.

CBD Certification

This is the best way to know what is in a product and whether it is for you or your pet. Make sure to check a products COA to see what the specific ingredients a product contains. It is a good idea to check on how much THC (by law to be considered hemp it cannot contain greater than 0.3% THC) and what else is contained in the product.

When you receive your product, it should have a QR code (quick response code) and also you can request it from the manufacturer via their website. This is a bar code that contains readable data about the item. This code consists of black squares on a white background which can be read by most cell phones. Simply open the camera app and point it at the code, do not take a picture, and a notification should pop up. If this does not work, check your apps for a QR code scanner.

What are some tips?

First, do your own research and become an educated consumer. Make sure the product you use is right for your and is legal in your state. Better products are grown in the United States using organic standards.

Second, decide the product form you want to use (oral, topical, etc.) and the type (Broad spectrum is without THC).

Third, check the product label and QR code to identify the actual contents. Remember, this information is contained on the label and indicates the total CBD in the container. In addition, you should check the amounts per serving.

Fourth, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow companies to state CBD products efficacy since there has not been sufficient testing. If a manufacturer states its product will cure cancer or depression, that is not the case - so buyer beware.

Fifth, use a company that is able to answer your questions and stand behind its products. If the company is not available to help you in the beginning, they will not be there if you have an issue.

Lastly, start small and use common sense when increasing your dosage. Discontinue using if you experience any adverse reaction.

How can I determine the quality of CBD?

This is probably the most important item for you to consider. Since you are putting this in your body, whether orally or topically, make certain to use a superior product. Ask questions, get answers and do you own research.

CBD Drops

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently not doing product testing on CBD, but does recognize the need. Other than one prescription drug to treat a rare, severe forms of epilepsy, the FDA has not approved any other CBD products (see What You Need to Know (And What We’re Working to Find Out) About Products Continuing Cannabis or Cannabis-derived Compounds, Including CBD Jul 17, 2019).

As the FDA has not evaluated CBD products, it is important to speak with your physician about the best way to treat diseases or conditions with approved treatment options. Also, speak with your veterinarian about appropriate treatment options for your pets. It is important to note, that the FDA is committed to supporting the development of new drugs, including cannabis and cannabis derived drugs.

Until such time as formal guidelines are developed, NaturalCare4U is committed to providing products that: 1) are grown on American hemp farms, 2) use organic farming methods, 3) undergo independent Third-Party Laboratory Testing; and 4) provide a Certificate of Analysis for each batch of their products. We believe this information allows you, to make the best choice for you.

NaturalCare4U does not claim any of its products will prevent, diagnose, treat or cure a disease since the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these products. Also, products provided by NaturalCare4U are not intended for use by individuals under eighteen (18) years of age. NaturalCare4u complies with all relevant rules and regulations regarding hemp derived CBD products.

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