Chronic pain management is a huge problem for millions of people. Living with underlying health conditions that also come with daily pain can be excruciating. This is why people are constantly looking for different ways to relieve their pain, at least for a few hours every day. CBD- Cannabinoids- are non-addictive solutions that can work much better than large doses of opioids. For a very long time, doctors and psychiatrists prescribed opioids for pain relief for different chronic conditions.

The opioids have the power to attach to the nerve receptors in the brain and then successfully block pain. The main problem is that sooner or later, opioids will lead to addiction. Where smaller doses of opioids are enough at the beginning of the treatment, as the treatment progresses the patient will need higher and higher doses in order to reach the same pain relief effect. Another problem is that about 30% of the patients with opioids prescription will overdose and misuse their treatment. Similarly to drug overdose, taking too many opioids can lead to different problems. There is a big health crisis created exactly because of the overdose and misuse of these types of medications. Therefore, doctors are constantly looking for alternative options- offering their patients a solution that works indeed, but one that will not create such an addiction and the other repercussions.

Cannabidoil can help with chronic pain relief. According to several researches in the field, CBD represents a safe alternative to opioids, without causing addiction or any harmful side effects. Cannabis as a plant has been used in medicine for several thousands of years. How can cannabis relieve pain? There are two important flavonoid components available, which are highly effective molecules in treating chronic inflammation and pain.

Cannabidoil is indeed efficient at treating pain, but without giving that sensation of feeling ‘high”. This happens because CBD does contain only less than 0.03% THC- which is he “guilty” component in making you high and euphoric. Without it, you can only feel the benefits of pain management with CBD products. When compared to Opioids and other chemical based drugs, CBD oil has been shown as extremely efficient in treating pain, without associated harmful side effects.

Too much CBD can sometimes lead to diarrhea or mild headaches, but no other harmful risks are associated with its use. It is also extremely important to notice that there is a huge difference between medical marijuana and CBD. Medical marijuana contains safe levels of THC , which means that it has that euphotic effects in people and it can cause addiction- whereas CBD does not contain significant levels of THC.

According to research in the field, CBD is capable of creating certain pain relieving molecules that are even 30 or 40 times stronger than those created by Aspirin for example. The US Department of Health declared a state of emergency in 2017- a national health crisis caused by opioid usage (overdoes and misuse of opioids). Unfortunately, more than 100 people in the US die every day because of overdosing on opioids. Chronic pain patients need to use opioids in order to manage their pain. The opioids will successfully block the pain receptors, but the use of opioids most often comes with addiction and unwanted side effects. CBD products can target chronic pain in a completely new way, by acting upon the reduction of the inflammation in the system. Therefore, CBD products can become a powerful alternative to different opioids.

CBD Oil & Pain Management: How does it work?

CBD vs Opioids Why?

CBD is a chemical that is naturally found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD will never cause that “high” feeling because THC levels are quite low. The sensation of “high” is generally caused by the high THC content in the marijuana leaf. Many patients with chronic pain issues use the CBD products in order to alleviate their symptoms. CBD oil can help reducing pain, inflammation and the overall discomfort caused by a large variety of underlying health conditions.

There is relevant research in the field, showing that CBD products have the power to help with pain management. CBD products offer a great alternative for patients who struggle with chronic pain but take regularly opioids for pain management. Opioids can be highly addictive and they can come with severe side effects. It is important to mention that currently the medication called Epidiolex that is prescribed for treating epilepsy is actually a drug that has been FDA approved. The rest of the non-prescription CBD products are not FDA approved.

Chronic pain relief & CBD – People have an ECS system- or the Endocannabinoid system. This is a cell-signaling system. According to experts in the field, CBD is capable of interacting with the ECS – or the endocannabinoid receptors in the human brain in order to reduce pain and inflammation. These brain pain receptors are small proteins that are basically attached to the cells in your body. The receptors will perceive certain signals from all sorts of stimuli and then make your cells respond in a certain way. This very response will create the pain-relief effects and the anti-inflammatory effects that will ultimately help with chronic pain management.

Patients with chronic back pain and other chronic pain related illnesses will benefit the most from taking CBD products instead of continuing to take addictive opioid medication. CBD is actually beneficial in helping with various types of pain management problems- including cancer pain, fibromyalgia and even neuropathic pain.

Arthritis pain & CBD – A study performed in 2016 analyzed the action of CBD oil in rats with arthritis. It has been concluded that rats struggled with reduced levels of inflammation and pain after taking certain doses of CBD. There are many gels available which are infused with pure, therapeutic grade CBD and these gels cab prove particularly helpful in the case of patients with chronic arthritis pain.

Cancer treatment relief and CBD– Many cancer patients are using CBD oils for pain management. CBD can ultimately lead to the shrinking of the cancer cells, and this has been proven by the research led on mice. According to the NCI- National Cancer Institute- CBD can become a possible alternative to reducing the different side effects of chemotherapy. These might include vomiting, lack of appetite or even pain related to the chemotherapy sessions.

Many patients underwent a study where they were given oral sprays with CBD alongside opioids treatment. It has been noted that the combination had positive effects in pain management, rather than using the opioids alone.

Migraine pain relief and CBD– there are few studies involving migraine pain and CBD for pain management. However, according to these available studies, they pinpoint the beneficial effect of CBD used in conjunction with THC. According to these studies, the combination of CBD and THC resulted in less intensive pain for people who struggle with frequent migraines. Acute pain was reduced in half for patients who received higher doses of CBD and THC combination.

There are no significant side effects recorded for CBD users, and this is very good news. Taking opioids can lead to addiction and other even severe side effects such as intense dizziness, shortness of breath and even hallucinations in people who take higher doses or those who overdose on opioids. Topical CBD products (such as ointments and gels) do not even enter your bloodstream, so they are extremely safe to use. A few side effects that might arise include diarrhea, fatigue, changes in the appetite or weight loss. It is also important that CBD can interact with certain supplements, over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. This is why you should always talk to your doctor about taking CBD.

More and more researchers agree that CBD oil is an extremely powerful tool in the pain management of so many chronic diseases. The good news is that taking CBD will never cause toxicity and addiction like some strong opioids. In case you are interested in trying CBD for pain but you don’t know where to start, always talk to your doctor. At first, start by small doses and increase the dosage as recommended on the label. This way, you will find the dosage that works in your case, and the one that can help you feel good and manage your pain successfully.

Your doctor can even help appointing the safe starting dosage in your case. The CBD market is extremely vast, and you will find many products available. Ensure you will purchase only through highly reliable sellers, who can offer you pure CBD oil of the highest quality. People use CBD oil for cooking, preparing their drinks or applying them topically on the skin. You can try different methods of using CD oil in order to find your preferred method and one that works best in your case.

You should keep in mind that opioids represent strong pain medications that are intended for temporary use. These have the best effect when used short term such as after surgery or after breaking a bone. They do not represent the best method for treating chronic or long term pain. However, you can safely use CBD products for the treatment and management of pain.