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cbdMD’s goal is to produce the industry’s highest quality CBD products by using state-of-the-art production and manufacturing techniques. Quality and innovation are the driving force behind all their products. All cbdMD products are 100% made in the United States from organic and non-GMO hemp.

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When you buy CBD products, extracted from domestically grown hemp, you know you are getting premium hemp. Hemp products grown outside the United States, or even synthetic CBD, may not be held to the same high standards, so ask where a product is grown. cbdMD monitors what goes into every product and only uses domestic sourced hemp plants. From seed to the shelf, cbdMD, demands the highest level of care.

Natural production is achieved by using a unique manufacturing process. cbdMD goes to great lengths to ensure that the extraction of CBD is from both the leaves and flowers of the plant and that the end product is suspended in an appropriate oil carrier. If the extraction is not correctly done, you will not feel any therapeutic effects. If the suspension is not suitable, the product will not be delivered properly throughout your body. cbdMD’s manufacturing process is the only option for preserving all the valuable properties of the hemp plant, not just some of the plant, while also eliminating any THC.

To validate the quality of cbdMD’s product, all their products undergo independent third-party laboratory testing to verify the CBD content and purity. All cbdMD products are THC free, non-GMO and vegan. To ensure only the highest quality CBD is used in every batch, testing occurs throughout the entire manufacturing and production process. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available, detailing the testing and it is provided for every individual batch. By being fully transparent, cbdMD ensures the consumer is aware of the product they are using.

It is important to know a company’s manufacturing process and review their laboratory reports. This is how to determine what you are getting in each product batch. Do not assume the best product is the most expensive product – do your research. Effective CBD, is quality CBD and there is no substitute for the best. cbdMD prides itself on quality and has purchased some of the industry’s most sophisticated technology in order to produce high quality CBD products consistently. cbdMD believes in quality over quantity and that is what it offers to every customer.

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